Thursday, June 12, 2008

Kai Lan with Salted Fish

Lazy is simply what I have been! I have been cooking, in a rush actually and more often than not Joe and I just want to dig in...the time between snapping a picture and eating has somewhat diminished:-))

Anyway here is a simple recipe to all time favourite Chinese dishe (in our household anyway!)

Kai Lan with salted fish
Trim the stems and wash well and leave to drain
Chop 3 garlic pips
2 sliced red chilies
Fry and cube a nice fleshy piece of any type of salted fish
1 teaspoon of sugar
A little salt and

On high heat pour enough oil to fry the salted fish well, until its crispy, proceed to remove the salted fish and in the remaining oil add the chopped garlic and red chili. Stir this for about 4 minutes before adding the Kai Lan, give a few quick stirs and some add the salt, sugar and salt fish and cover with a lid and let it cook on high for about 8 minutes or so.

That simple! Eat this with hot steaming rice and any other side dish like steamed ginger fish or soy sauce chicken....yummylicious. The sugar gives it a caramelised twist!

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