Sunday, June 24, 2007

Spaghetti Bolognese

After mass Joe and I whacked some finger licking banana leaf at Nirvana. Came home full and very drugged...needless to say we snoozed the afternoon away:-)

Dinner tonight was simple and fuss free...some spaghetti bolognese and a side of tasty garlic bread....which I just tore out of its packaging and stuffed in the oven!

Minced beef
Onion - chopped
A few pips of garlic - chopped
Fresh mushrooms
Lots of Mixed herbs, Oregano, Mixed Spice, Coarse Pepper, 2 tsp of chili powder or paprika
1 can each of Pureed Tomatoe and Diced Tomatoe and 1 small tin of Tomatoe paste
Fresh Parsely chopped
Olive Oil
1 Bay Leaf

Saute the onions and garlic in some olive oil, then add a bay leaf. Next stir in the minced beef and let it brown a bit. Add the mixed herbs, Oregano, dash of mixed spice, lots of pepper, chili powder/paprika and keep stirring for about 4 mins. Add the frsh mushrooms and stir for a further 3 mins and then add the tomatoe paste, puree and diced and salt. Let it simmer for a bit before adding the chopped parsley.

Serve with preferred choice of pasta.

Verdict : The husband didn't have second serving of spaghetti although he did have a second round of rice at Nirvana...he is asking for trouble !!!


Joe said...

The spaghetti had me speaking in Italian with an Indian accent.....thats how good it was.

milee said...

hahahah....there are 2 reasons why you are speaking with an indian accent - (1) you ARE indian; and (2) you have been visiting NIRVANA more than you are allowed to for your fill of banana leaf!!

Anonymous said...

why does your bologase sause look devilishly red..... still looks yummy though.....

milee said...

Devilishly red huh...I dunno cld be the photo quality?

Minah Drama said...

hey husband and wife. what happened to good old fashioned face to face communication? just along as you keep bedroom talk out of this blog i'll shut up.
pasta looks great. i tend to make mine with half a can of mushroom soup . so it doesnt get bloody red too.

milee said...

Minah I must try your style of adding some mushroom soup-sounds like it will also add to the flavour and not just the colour.

Joseph said...

by the way...try adding some red wine in your spaghetti, dun ask me its an Italian thing to do...and it makes the pasta a lot more tastier i think....

milee said...

Ben you are right about the wine, have done that previously but the only problem is that your brother will finish the rest of the bottle in one sitting and then I will have a very tipsy dinner mate:-)