Saturday, June 23, 2007

Mutton Kurma with Potatoes

After getting up later than usual on Saturday, I made a quick dash to the market with no idea of what I had in the fridge and without a clue of what we should eat although Joe did suggest Mutton Kurma. I was feeling a little adventurous and wanted to make some Masala River Crabs..but there were none to be found at the market so Mutton Kurma it was.

This is not from scratch and I guess I should actually give "Baba Kurma Powder" the credit for todays meal:-) My creative additions were merely the addition of potatoes, tomatoes, yogurt, ground green chilies and some poppy seed powder to the already well laid out method at the back of the packaging of the kurma powder. We had Jeff, Mom, Derrick, Mag join us for lunch and other than Derrick telling me to throw the food out of the window even before eating!! no one else had any complaints:-)

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Joe said...

For anyone who is reading this website, i highly recommend this very mouth watering dish. It was totally yummo.