Sunday, May 16, 2010

Chilli Beef

Have some large sliced beef pieces pressured cooked to your liking and reserve the liquid.

In a blender add 3 quartered red onions, 7 pips of garlic, 1/2 inch of sliced ginger and wild ginger (lengkuas), a few slices of wet turmeric (kunyit) and about 12 red chillies. Add some water and coarsely blend. Keep aside. Next blend some soaked dried chillies coarsely.

In a wok add some oil and throw in a cinnamon stick and star anise followed by 3 bruised lemongrass stalks and mix well, next add the fresh chili blend and stir for about 5 minutes followed by the dried chili blend, add more oil if needed and cook this chili paste well for about 10 minutes. Next goes in the beef, some quartered potatoes and half the reserved liquid. Put the lid on and let this cook for a few minutes then stir, add salt and more liquid, put the lid on and let it cook further for about 10 - 15 minutes. Taste for more salt, add some thick soy sauce and serve with hot steaming white rice!

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