Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Milee's Potato Salad

Those who have frequented Mom's and Jeff's BBQ's would be well acquainted with this potato salad:-) I have made it tonight for a colleague who is celebrating her birthday tomorrow at work. Its really simple and can be made with whatever left overs sitting in the fridge.

Ohh yes its Joe's fav too and not because its called a salad:-)

Potatoes washed, peeled and cubes
Chicken stock (thats my tip!)
Boil the Potatoes with chicken stock and water and make sure it is removed from the boiling water while it still retains its shape (something I am never able to do:-)

Onions (this time I had a lovely 1/2 of an aussie purple onion)
Spring Onions
Red Bell pepper (just for the colour really!)

Some chicken fillets and shred them

Mustard (american)
Salad cream
Sour cream (only because I had some lying around)

Drain the potatoes well and add all the chopped ingredients, chicken and marinade with some salt and pepper and cool in the fridge before serving.

Tip : Chopped pineapples is a nice addition as well as some green apples...basically you can get really creative with this dish:-)

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