Thursday, May 24, 2007

Pizza Pereira

When Joe and I feel like "Perez" & "Alvarez"-cuban runaways, we normally yearn for some tonite we were cubans eating Pepperoni Pizza. I had also made a ham/mushroom pizza as well but the camera decided that it wasn't going to play nice to some cubans!!

Really easy peasy and most of all quick.

Lebanese bread
Tomato Paste from the can
Garlic Pepper spread (if you have)
Pepperoni - sliced thinly (remove casing if necessary)
Generous shredded cheese (mozza and coon is good)
Onions (if you want)
Tomatoes sliced
Salt & Pepper
Mixed herbs (optional)

Mix some tomato paste with pepper, salt, garlic pepper spread and some mixed herbs. Spread a thick layer on the lebanese bread and top with shredded cheese, then pile on the pepperoni, onions and tomatoes and some more cheese. Bake in the oven for 10-15 mins. Sprinkle chili flakes and enjoy:-)

Note : Nothing, cuz its that simple!
Verdict : Perez - mouthwatering and yummy.
Alvarez - ok lah.


bunnysia said...

So easy ahh....looks professional onli!!...oklah gonna try this also..Oven at wat degree celcius?

milee said...

Preheat oven at 175 for 10 mins and then place pizza in at 175 - 200 for anor 10 -15 mins. Let me know how it comes out, better still send me a pic:-)

grumps said...

Alama, magnafic, tried here as instruced,even without the extra touches, time the pro served one here toooooooooo as comparison, see if you can out perform your students lah.

milee said...

Grumps I never realised I had such efficient students:-) Will be there soon to whip one and hopefully out perform student!