Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Introducing Madam

Madam is my first guest "chef" to share her pictures...(she doesn't even know it!!). She has been my childhood friend since primary school. She is a mother to 2 pretty, adoring and talkative "muttons" (as she calls her daughters) and her hubby "Sir" makes the best home made nasi lemak I have ever tasted....(I am working on getting him on board as a guest chef too:-))

Madam whipped up Chicken Varuval last nite and for lunch today she fried some fish and made sothy and served it with the remainder chicken, turmeric potatoes and long about a spread huh. Well done Madam!!


Madam said...

Ayo, so shy. All the aunties can see my masak-masak portions. :-P

Btw I ain't no 'chef'. More along the lines of lab rat but tks milee.

Anyway I think you should put out a cookbook for beginners like me and we could call it 'Milee Makes It Easy (title is WIP).

sophia said...

Madam, by the look of your dishes, you are by no means a lab rat and more like a chef already in the making..Milee I like the title already..

milee said...

Hey thats a brilliant title lah....thats going into my thought process right now !

You are right sophia...that madam can whip dishes up like a pro indeed.

Anonymous said...

Madam, the CV (Chicken Varuval) looks good. Good job. Do you have an extra chair for me at your dining table :).
By the bye, when is Sir revealing his Secret recipe. The world awaits the infamous Nasi Lemak.

Madam said...

Tks Sophia. You're too kind to a person living in Singapore (human rights hint!!!) :-)

Anon my friend whoever you are. Always welcomed but you'll have to bring your passport and own chair. Our dining only sits four.

Milee, ever thot of starting a dating blog for food 'lovers'? Yummy!

Nasi lemak is happening this weekend I'm told so stay tuned.

milee said...

madam, anon is my husband!

dating blog ahh....i will leave that to you lah:-)

Wow nasi lemak this weekend, please take pics and recipe...thanking Sir & madam.

Anonymous said...

My wife has blown my cover....sheesh.

Madam, it is i, Joe. Yes i did realise that a Passport was required but did not think of the chair. OK i will bring a mat :).

Nasi Lemak on the w/e. Woohoo.

Madam said...

She just had to go and burst my bubble and being well aware of the desperate housewife situation I am in. hmmmph!
But i knew it was you la. Only you and Milee have had the privilege of savouring that kicka** sambal (if i dare say so myself).
The rest of you will be treated to a mouthwatering photo come Monday.

Milee, I am desperate so I hope you dont mind me chatting away with your fans or with myself :-P

milee said...

Dun mind me, I am very happy reading away this comments and laughing :-) You are far from desperate sista!