Thursday, May 17, 2007

Milee's Club Sandwich

Just because I started this blog last nite, I got up this morning (very late!!) and rushed to make a Club Sandwich to take to work for lunch....not so much to eat it, more so that I could snap a picture and post it here:-))

Easy peasy sandwich, with sauteed mushrooms, thinly sliced fried luncheon meat, one slice chicken cold cut, some onions, some relish, pepper, salt, tomatoe and greens with olive butter spread on toasted bread. To keep it all together and not spilling from all sides, stick a few toothpicks into the bread before cutting it across. No spillage guaranteed.

If Jeff were eating this I would need to load it with some nice thick slices of yummy cheese and only then would he proclaim it a civilised meal....that is an Aussie for you lah:-)


Alicia said...

At first I thought I had stumbled upon Cooking 101...or the infamous Food Channel website...but only to be awestruck to find such fascinating tales of your personal kitchen. Amazing! This is such a great avenue for you to share to the world (and for me to learn)! BTW, can I request for some local 'Malaysian culineries'? I truly miss the curries, the hokkien mee & all the noodles, and more! Alright then, will be checking in for yummy recipes!! ;)

milee said...

Thanks for visiting....I am a bit suspect is that you Ali or some other alicia?

For curries, stay tuned on weekends cuz thats the only time i have more time to spend in the kitchen:-)

Lilac Wine said...

I want recipes from pork!!! Lotsa recipes for BABI!!!

milee said...

I don't entertian DEMANDS! Ask nicely :-)

My meatloaf has pork, my sandwich has pork....what some more?

Madam said...

Hey there alcoholic Purple Powerpuff Guy @ Lilac Wine, heading to Singapore for The Cure in August? I'd watch my back if I were you. I may set Mojo Jojo lose on you. muah ha ah ha ha