Friday, May 18, 2007

Pasta with a Hot & Spicy Twist

Most weeknites if I do cook I will be zooming in and about trying to finish preparing a meal in under an hour. If Joe is anywhere near me while I attempt to do all this you can be rest assured that something will drop, break or he will get yelled at....heheheh I dun work well under pressure or in close proximity with another.

Anyway last nite he wanted salad (he always wants salad!!). Those people who know us both will know that by looking at us we have not be surviving on salads:-) I ended up making some Olio Pasta as I wanted to make use of the left over meatloaf and some mushrooms that I had. This recipe is courtesy of Delia...its an adaption of her ever popular chili padi spaghetti...i did some variation.


Pasta boiled and strained
Olive oil
Chopped handful of garlic....I use lots of garlic
Chopped Onion (if you have any peeled ones lying around)
Dry Mixed Herbs
Coarse Black Pepper ( 1 tablespoon)
Chili padi chopped - I used only 9-10 bec I added some chili flakes too.
2 tablespoons of coarse red chili flakes
Some crumbled meatloaf ( I removed the top ends that has the caramelised portion)
2 types of chopped fresh mushrooms

Stir fry the garlic, onions (if using) till aromatic, add the mushrooms and chili padi and stir for a few mins (3-4), then add the mixed herbs, pepper and chili flakes and keep stirring for 3 mins and add more olive oil if needed, add in the meatloaf. Add salt and when it taste likeable, add the drained pasta and give it a few good stirs.

Note : I used generous amounts of mixed herbs and garlic and if I really had to estimate how much I would say 3 tablespoons of mixed herbs and 15 pips of garlic....for 1/2 packet of spaghetti......yes yes i know some of you are wondering about my breath....haven't heard of Listerine ahhh:-)?

Verdict : I enjoyed this quick and easy meal....I was done cooking in under 45 mins. Joe felt it was a bit too spicy for him but I think the real reason is because he did not get his salad:-)))
We had a leftover of another bowl which i have brought to work today for lunch.


Madam said...

Sounds like an aglio olio but with mushrooms. Love it. I like uncomplicated pasta like this recipe. Clever la you!

milee said...

Yup very much like an aglio. The meatloaf flavours surprisingly went well. Normally I make it the way delia does, with diced chicken fillets/breasts and shrimp....and much moreeeee chili padi.

Lilac Wine said...

can i share my recipe for a creamy, zingy 20 min baked mushroom pasta? people i know have said it's good. but then the people i know do lie...

Delia said...

Milee though its not quite my recipe,its interesting how you added the Milee twist to it,thats what all pros do add in leftovers,even the onion.Thumpsup keep up your passion,and have fun

milee said...

Lilac, please do share !! Dont waste anymore time.

Delia, thanks to you Guru for sharing your cooking skills:-)