Thursday, September 20, 2007

Chicken Fajitas

This was really super quick and easy!! I started cooking at 8pm and by 8.45pm we were digging into our is however one messy dish to eat!!

I grilled some chicken fillets and then removed them from the stove and proceeded to saute 1 yellow onion in some oil with green and red bell peppers and added the grilled chicken pieces back before pouring in the store bought Fajita mix. Then I added 1/4 cup water and let it simmer and it was ready to be eaten with warm tortilla wraps layered with sour cream, guacamole and shredded cheese....lovely! (Chopped tomatoes would have been a great addition but I was just too lazy to chop some:-)


Unknown said...

Wow!! Milee there's so much more to see on this blog.The prawns must have been a killer with added chillie powder.I'm sure it taste as great as it looks.Delia

milee said...

Thanks for visiting Delia! The prawns was super spicy indeed:)...had leftovers with chappati the next day..delish!

Minah Drama said...

hi milee,

Had a go at the fajitas today. But u know me and recipes :-p substituted sour cream for cream cheese... for the kids u know.
also didnt use any mix. seasoned chicken with salt, pepper, curry powder, coriander and a tablespoon of yogurt and cooked with dried herbs.

it was yummylicious indeed. tks milee

milee said...

Good going Madam! I guess your version would be an the Indian twist to the Mexican fajitas:-)

Unknown said...

I tried the Fajitas...and it rocked..i wanted more...but your right....its a very messy meal :P. Food stains on a man shirt means that the food is absolutely YUMMY.... Thanks Sharm.... now i need to figure out how to get the red stain out of my shirt....:(

milee said...

Glad you loved it ben!! Bad stain huh...rub some lemon juice and baking soda on the guarantees though!