Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Remembering Aunty Alice

Today is my late Aunty Alice's birthday, if I am not mistaken she would have turned 75 today. She was and will always be my favourite Aunt. She was my other "Mummy" and she spoilt me rotten:-)

Her Puttu was to die for, her Pork vindaloo was the reason everyone was home for dinner on Wednesday and Saturday nights, her home made Rose Syrup could have made her a millionaire if she was business savvy, her Jackfruit payasam and Green peas porridge is sorely missed and every Christmas without fail my brother Patrick remembers what delicious Coconut Candy she used to make and I recollect helping her with the "Acarmurukku", heating the moulds and then dipping them in the batter and setting the moulds in the hot oil and helping her shape the piping hot melted ghee with flour into balls and wrapping them in coloured plastic :-)

So much of my passion to cook and to share is as a result of the influence she has had over me. I never got around to cooking a big feast for her, but I have for her family and I guess that's as far as I can go....but I know she is looking down and saying "eat mollay, eat some more":-))

She is missed and loved always.

These pictures of course don't do justice to what Aunty Alice rolled out from her kitchen but it will just have to suffice for now.



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