Sunday, July 22, 2007

Pepper Prawns with Oyster Sauce

Its been storming here in Subang and I was yearning for some fish ball soup with rice and veggies. But I knew that alone would not cut it for Joe, so I decided to give Mummy's newly created Pepper Prawns a go. Today's meal was so simple to prepare and it took me less than one hour to finish it all.

1 kilo of medium sized prawns shelled (leave the tails on)
2 big yellow onions, sliced
5 pips of garlic smashed
1 inch fresh ginger sliced
6-8 dried chilies cut into small pieces
Spring onions chopped
Black and White whole peppers dry roasted and pounded coarsely
2-3 tbsp of Oyster sauce
A dash or two of Thick Soya Sauce


Fry the onions, ginger and garlic and dried chilies in some oil till fragrant then add the prawns and stir it about 5 minutes then add the coarse peppers and keep stirring before adding both the sauces. Let it simmer, add a few tablespoons of water if its drying out too fast, lastly taste for salt and add the spring onions.

On a rainy day like today the Peppery prawns and wholesome Fish Ball soup was all we needed.


Joseph said...

looks sooooooo yummy... if only i could get fresh seafood here instead of the frozen stuff which doesnt look to appetising....

milee said...

Hi there Ben, you may want to try the same recipe with chicken fillets...just shallow fry some diced chicken and follow the rest of the recipe.